Got questions? Our Garage Doors FAQs should help.

First things first:

How do I measure my space?

If you want the door fitted in between a frame then you measure the height from the underside of the timber above to the floor below and the width in between the frame across. If you want to maximise your opening size then you can have the door fitted behind the brickwork and you would measure the height and width of the brick opening. However we would always carry out a site survey ahead of you placing an order with us.

Will you charge to come out and survey my space?

Site surveys are carried out free of charge.

How long does a survey take?

10 minutes.

What do I need?

You do not need anything. We would need to be able to gain access to the inside of the garage. There must be sufficient clear space to measure the opening and to see any potential obstructions.

Garage Door FAQs:

What different types of garage door do you have?

Steel, Timber, GRP, PVC, up and over, roller, sectional & Side hung. These are available in various designs.

What is the best brand of Garage door?

This is dependent on the type of garage door that you require. We will always recommend the best type of door to suit your needs and budget.

Will you take away my old garage door?

We will remove and takeaway your old door.

What is the most secure type of garage door?

Most types of garage doors are manufactured with security in mind, however there are additional security features that can be added if this is a priority.

What is the most insulated type of garage door?

Roller or sectional garage doors have the option of insulation.

How long will it take for you to install my garage door?

This is dependent on the type of door that you purchase. Most garage doors can be fitted in half to one day.

Will you guarantee my garage door?

Every door is covered by the manufacturer’s own warranty and we provide a 2 year workmanship warranty.

Can my existing Garage door be electrically operated?

If the garage door is an up and over and is fitted on retractable door gear or is a roller or sectional door then it is likely that it can be automated. We would always carry out a survey to confirm this ahead of you placing an order as there are some exceptions.

Do you repair old garage doors?

We do carryout repairs to older doors.

How secure is my garage door?

Most new garage doors are fitted with good locks as a standard. If security is your main reason for purchasing a new door then we would take this in to account when surveying and recommend the best door for your needs. Manufacturers are always striving to improve the security of the garage doors that they make.

Electric Gate FAQs:

Why do I need an electric gate?

To add privacy and security to your property. You can access your property in bad weather without having to leave the comfort of your car.

How much space do I need to have an electric gate?

If you already have an electric gate that is in good condition then you should be able to automate it. You do not require additional space for the automation.

Are they slide gates or swing gates?

You can automate sliding and swing gates.

Are the electric gates secure?

This will depend on which gates you require. If security is your main concern then we would recommend the added security of CCTV cameras.

How much are the electric gates?

The cost to automate an electric gate is really dependant on the type of gate that you have. A survey would need to be carried out before an estimate could be given.

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