Winterproof Your Garage Door

Clearing snow from garage door

Winter is upon us. It’s cold, it’s wet, and the mornings can be really icy. Not exactly the weather to be doing jobs on the outside of the house, but these are the jobs you most need to do! So instead of sitting indoors enjoying a nice cup of tea, go and inspect your garage door to make sure it will survive the cold weather and provide your garage and your home with an effective barrier against everything the winter has in store for us! 


Effects of ice and rain on your doors


Britain is infamous for its excessive rain, especially during the winter. If your garage door is made of wood, increased moisture can result in swelling in both the door and the surrounding frame, causing the door to rub against the frame or even become stuck. The best approach to preventing your garage door from swelling is to ensure rain gutters are kept clear to avoid run-off water.


If your door is made of metal, it leaves your garage door vulnerable to contraction, especially during the cold weather. While you cannot prevent this, you can ease the effects through regularly oiling the springs, screwdrive and ball bearings.


Although most lubricating greases are designed to operate under exceptionally hot conditions, low temperatures can cause them to harden and thicken until they become unusable. To prevent this, make sure you regularly maintain your garage door with lubrication and consistent cleaning to ensure it functions to its full potential.


In the event of a freeze, ensure all ice is melted and water is cleared from the bottom of the door before you attempt to open it in order to keep your garage door in a good condition.


How to avoid problems


One of the best ways to winterproof your garage door is to do a maintenance check to make sure everything is working properly. Oil any squeaks and check the cables and springs for signs of wear and tear. Replacing any parts that appear worn out now will make it less likely they’ll fail in a cold snap leaving you unable to open or close the door. 


If you have an electric garage door, check that the sensors are working properly by putting a cardboard box in front of them and trying to close the door. This is important because the sensors are supposed to prevent the door from closing if there’s an obstruction (such as a pet or a child), so if they’re misaligned, they need to be repaired


Buy a new garage door


The best way to protect your garage from the harsh effects of winter would be to invest in a new garage door made of modern materials which have been designed to withstand the cold.


Our pre-coated PVC/GRP garage doors not only protect your car and other belongings from theft, they are also built to withstand the cold and wet winters. Modern garage doors are insulated, which means they’ll provide added protection from the cold weather in winter, as well as helping to reflect the heat away in the summer. A sectional garage door provides added insulation by not leaving any gaps under the door through which the cold can get in. What’s more, they are simple to maintain while possessing a stylish aesthetic that old garage doors lack.


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