Why would you get an electric garage door?

electric garage door hertfordshire


Electric garage doors have a great many advantages. However, the reason why most people fit them is convenience. 

Think about all the times you’ve arrived home in the pouring rain, had to get out of the car to open the garage door, then get back in again before driving inside to park the car. You’ve then also got to close the doors behind you, so the chances that you’ll get wet are extremely high. Now imagine pulling up in that same rain, pressing a button from the warm dry car in order to open the door automatically, then simply driving inside. The whole process has taken only a fraction of the time, and more importantly, not a drop of rain has touched your head! 

Even when the weather’s good it’s, quite frankly, a pain to have to spend time getting in and out of the car in order to open and close the doors. It’s so much more convenient to have an electric garage door


Another big advantage of electric garage doors is security. There are no exterior locks for anyone to pick, making your garage much more difficult to break into. And if your garage has an internal door into your home, a safer garage means a safer home. 

You are also much more likely to close your garage door after you. If you’re a bit late for work when you leave home in the morning, it’s possible that you’d leave manual garage doors open in order to save time. Unfortunately, this is a bit of an invitation to the casual thief, especially if you have access to your home through the garage. With an electric garage door, you can just press a button to close the door, which takes no time at all. 

You will also be able to avoid common accidents that can happen when operating a door manually. Trapped fingers and bumped heads can occur when people open and close the doors themselves. From the safety of your car, an electric door will open and close without needing to come into contact with anyone. 


An electric garage door can be connected to your smart home, enabling you to control the door from anywhere in the world. So you won’t even need to remember to take the door’s remote control with you when you leave the house, you can control it from your phone. 

What types of garage doors are electric? 

Virtually any garage door can be modified to be electric. The most common are the purpose-built aluminium roller garage doors or sectional garage doors. Unlike the traditional up-and-over doors or stable doors, you don’t need to leave space in front of the garage to be able to open them, which reduces the chances of causing accidental damage. 

If you have a serviceable manual up-and-over garage door but would like to electrify it, you can install an electric operator. This will give you all the convenience of an electric door but without the expense of installing a brand-new door. 

If you are thinking of getting an electric garage door, contact us for more information about available styles and prices. 

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