Why aren’t you using your garage to park your car?

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It would be interesting to discover how many people who have a garage and a car actually use their garage for the purpose it was built for. It is ironic that a secure shelter designed to protect what is probably your second most valuable possession (after your home) might be more likely to be used to store junk and half-filled paint tins than something that’s worth thousands! If this sounds familiar, perhaps you need to ask yourself why aren’t you using your garage to park your car? 

The advantages of parking in the garage 

The most obvious advantage of parking your car in the garage is security, and not just from theft. When you park on the road, your car is always vulnerable to other road users, and accidents can happen, especially if you live on a narrow road. Many people have returned to their cars to find a missing wing mirror, scratched paintwork or minor dents caused by careless drivers. Keeping the car in the garage will significantly reduce the likelihood of such mishaps, and by your car not being vulnerable to accidents, you’ll save money and time on organising repairs and making insurance claims. Indeed, in some cases, parking in the garage may result in your insurance company reducing your premium. 

When it comes to the weather, your car will be better off in the garage. In the heat of the summer, it’ll be kept cool, so your air conditioning won’t need to work so hard to get to a comfortable temperature. In the cold weather, you’ll spend less time scraping ice off the windscreen and demisting the windows, meaning you can drive away as soon as you’re ready, rather than having to sit in the car waiting for the ice to defrost. 

In a summer heatwave, it is possible that extreme weather conditions will occur, such as a recent storm in Leicestershire where cars and property were damaged by giant hailstones. Anyone who’d parked their car in the garage would not have had to worry… at least about their car.   

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Protection from birds

Stationary cars parked in the open air are also prone to gathering dirt, whether it’s a gust of wind covering it with dust or a passing bird leaving a ‘gift’ on your roof. Bird poop isn’t just inconvenient, it also contains corrosive uric acid which will damage your paintwork if it’s not cleaned off quickly enough. Thankfully, all you have to do is put a wet cloth over the poop to soak it for ten minutes or so, and you should then be able to wipe it off. Alternatively, use a few squirts of a detailer spray, which will also help restore the shine to your paintwork. 

Inconvenience of garage doors

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It may well be that parking your car in the garage is a bit of a palaver. If you have a manual garage door, then it becomes a lot of trouble to stop the car, get out to open the garage, then get back in the car and drive into the garage before locking the car and closing the door again. If the weather’s bad, you’re much more likely to park in the driveway and run into the house rather than mess around in the cold or the wind or the rain. If this is the main reason why you don’t park.

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