Discover which garage doors to buy for your home

Traditional Garage Door

Deciding what garage doors to buy may be a difficult decision to make because now there are more options than ever! There are things to consider such as safety, ease of use and accessibility. It also depends on what your garage is used for – you could be using it as a gym, home office, storage space or the traditional way, to store a car.

What look are you going for?

You can go for the classic look with compact roller doors. These work with so many different styles of properties and with many colours to choose from, you’ll have a lot more freedom picking which garage doors to buy.

Looking for something a bit more unique and want your garage to match your other doors perfectly? This is possible and with our Hormann Doors. With over 20 styles you can sync the doors perfectly with your style of property.

If you want to have a more traditional wood look, then our Wessex range will have you covered without compromising quality. These designs are simple to clean meaning they will always look great. There is an extensive range of finishes available, which means you can really find the perfect one to match your brickwork. In addition, they can be made to be “up and over” or “side hinged” so you have full flexibility when picking.

When figuring out which garage doors to buy you must also think about how often the door is being used and what its use is. You may find that a side-hinged door could be easier if your garage is quite low or you will be using it for people to walk in and out of. The “up and over” doors are great if you are using your garage to store your car, but not so convenient as a walkthrough door.


You’ll be pleased to know that when looking for garage doors, ours are all handpicked to very high standards, are well insulated and secure. This means you can have confidence that they will help protect your property, stand the test of time as well as evolve with the ever-changing trends.

If you have an idea of what type of garage doors to buy, then think about what is cost-effective and the security of everything stored in the garage. Educating yourself on garage doors isn’t probably something you thought you would need but when it comes to finding the perfect door you will need to know what really is the right option for your garage. This is why we are here to help. We will make sure you have the perfect doors so you can have peace of mind when storing your car, working out or even working from home.

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