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One of the most popular ranges of garage doors is from Wessex, a UK manufacturer of high-quality garage doors. Wessex specialises in up-and-over and side-hinged garage doors made out of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). Wessex is the UK’s premier GRP garage door manufacturer and offers a wide variety of styles and finishes. Wessex specialises in maintenance-free door panels in a range of realistic timber grain reproductions, as well as white gloss finishes.

What is GRP? 

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is more commonly known as fibreglass. It is a composite laminate that uses glass fibres to reinforce plastics and polymer resin. The elements are woven together to make a material that’s lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. Thanks to its flexibility, it is commonly used to make boats, car bodies, architectural mouldings and fascias, roofing, cladding, piping, windows and doors, as well as safety helmets. 

GRP is not only strong, it is also a great insulating material. GRP has a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel and is more resistant to damage than steel. It is dent-resistant and can withstand the sort of knocks that normally result in damage to steel. Each panel is internally strengthened by galvanised steel which is used as an integral part of the structure. 

In addition, GRP doesn’t warp, shrink or rust, leaving you with great-looking garage doors that will last for years with minimal, if any, maintenance. However, if one of the door panels does become damaged or scratched, it can be repaired and restored to its original state. 

Wessex Doors has been manufacturing GRP garage doors in the UK for nearly 50 years and is best known for its range of woodgrain doors that have the beauty and timeless qualities of wooden garage doors, but without the high maintenance. 

Wood effect

Wessex produces lifelike wood-effect finishes by using moulds taken from solid timber doors. This ensures an authentic finish that looks as good as the real thing but is far stronger. Wessex produces doors in a range of woodgrains from the lightest to the darkest finishes, as well as in a range of colours that give the impression of painted wood. 

Real wooden garage doors will shrink, swell and warp, and will need to be regularly revarnished in order to protect the wood. Wood-effect GRP will retain its integrity and looks with minimal maintenance, ensuring your garage door works perfectly every time. 

Painted doors 

Wessex also makes GRP garage doors that give the appearance of painted wood. The doors have a wood-effect pattern moulded into the design to create the illusion, but they are coloured as though they’ve been painted. The beauty of them is that this paint will never peel or fade, leaving your garage door looking great for longer. 

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