Popular garage door colours

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Colours that can be used on front doors and garage doors

It only takes the first 8 seconds for someone to make up their mind whether or not they’re interested in buying a house – and those 8 seconds will be spent entirely outside the front door. So it matters what colour your front door is, and it will therefore also matter what colour your garage door is as to make your house attractive, you need colours that can be used on front doors and garage doors.

Classic colours

When you buy aluminium, steel or GRP doors, you’ll be asked choose the colour of the materials when you order them. This means that you’ve got to choose wisely, as you’ll have to live with your decision for many years to come! Unsurprisingly, the colours on offer by the manufacturers tend to be classics, such as white, cream, timber colours, greens, blues, greys and warm reds and burgundies.

Timber doors

The materials your door is made out of will obviously have an impact on the colour. Wooden doors will give your more scope for creativity because if you get it wrong, you can simply repaint. So if you want to express yourself with the latest colour fashions on a regular basis, then opt for wooden doors.


If you like the look of wood but don’t want the bother of looking after it, woodgrain front doors and garage doors will complement each other perfectly. You can have all the beauty of dark or light wood – which will be especially flattering if you have a character property – at the same time as all the advantages of modern materials.

How to make the right choice

  • There are a few basic rules which will could help you when making a decision about which colour to have for your new front and garage doors:
    take your time to decide – give yourself a few days to make sure you’re still happy with your choice
  • talk to your family and people whose opinions you trust to see what they think
  • talk to other people who’ve recently changed their garage doors – what do they think of their choices?
  • don’t make your choice based on what you think you’re ‘supposed’ to do
    is this a choice you’ll regret in the future? If you’re not planning to stay in your house forever, how will your choice affect your chances of selling

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