Popular electric roller garage doors

Electric Roller Garage Doors

Garage doors provide a practical, secure and stylish way to safeguard your home and possessions. Electric roller garage doors are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, for good reason…

What exactly is an electric roller garage door?

Unlike up-and-over garage doors and side-hinged garage doors which are made up of solid metal or wood, electric roller garage doors are made up of horizontal double-skinned aluminium slats which are filled with foam. The slats are hinged together, rolled around a tubular barrel and fitted to the top of the garage entrance. An electric motor is installed in one end of the barrel and this raises and lowers the curtain of slats to open and close the garage door.

This electric motor can be operated automatically or from remote control and even your smartphone. This design is key to why electric roller garage doors are so popular.

They’re easy to use

As the roller garage door is electric you can open and close it at the touch of a button. No bending or heavy lifting is involved – perfect!
Maximise the space on your driveway

As the electric roller garage door is opened and closed by rolling it up and down rather than outwards, you can drive your car as close as possible to the garage entrance. With an electric roller garage door, you don’t need to move the car or your belongings to get in or out of your garage.

Save space in the garage

If you use your garage for storage or as a workshop, then you can maximise the space inside because the electric roller garage door rolls up into a compact neat box at the top of the garage entrance. This also enables you to make maximum use of the ceiling space to hang items, such as bicycles, ladders or gym equipment like punch bags, as no part of the roller garage door enters the garage space.

Prevent excessive heat loss

The aluminium slats are filled with foam, ensuring they have fantastic insulation properties to keep the heat inside and they do not allow the heat to escape so easily when the garage door is shut. Perfect if you are using the garage for a workshop or gym, or if you have electrical equipment such as fridges and freezers in there.

Keep your property secure

Security is paramount for everyone and electric roller garage doors provide an excellent seal around the garage entrance. There is no gap at the top or the sides, and the slats are flexible enough to seal any gaps on an uneven surface.

Check out our range of electric roller garage doors

You want your garage door to look good and to show your house is well-maintained. We supply a popular and fantastic range of electric roller garage doors made by top manufacturers Aluroll and Cardale. These ranges of electric roller garage doors come in a range of fantastic colours and finishes, so there’s something for everyone – get in touch!

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