Patio awnings for the summer months

patio awnings for summer


Who knows what the 2016 summer weather will bring. As we approached the traditional summer months, the newspapers were confidently announcing Britain would soon be in a long, hot summer – on 22 May, for instance, The Express predicted we’d have three months of heatwave starting in early June… and we all know how well that turned out! But it’s still worth thinking about investing in a patio awning for the summer months as it’ll be a really useful addition to summer living, whether the weather is hot or wet – or both!

Staying in the shade

Awnings will offer shelter from the heat and UV rays of the sun – with the additional advantage of protecting your furniture and curtains from fading – and will enable you to keep the patio doors open and continue to sit outside in the event of a little light rain.

During the hottest parts of the day, it will also save you money – by shading the room from the sun’s heat, you’ll be less likely to need to use electric fans or air conditioning.

If you have cats and dogs, it’ll also provide them with shade against the sun without driving them indoors, making life much more comfortable for them too.

How an awning will enhance your home and garden

In addition to sheltering you from the weather, awnings will also add elegance and colour to your patio and garden. They can also open up your house, providing more living space in an indoor/outdoor area, and enabling you to stay outside when the heat drives others inside.

At night, an awning will enable you to enjoy being outside for longer. Hang outdoor fairy lights from it to create a magical space to sit under – whether you’ve invited friends round for an elegant dinner party, or just want to have a quiet drink and enjoy the long, hot (hopefully) summer nights.

Our awnings are fully adjustable and retractable so when you don’t need them, they’ll sit unobtrusively against the wall and could become the summer month patio awnings sensation.



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