Modern Garage Trends 2020

Modern Garage Door Trends, Wooden

When you look at the exterior of your property, one of the first things you notice is the garage door. If yours is looking a bit worse for wear, it’ll be worth keeping up with the modern and contemporary trends in garage doors as a great way to keep your property looking fresh and well maintained.

Modern materials

There’s no longer a need to rely on heavy and traditional materials such as wood or steel. Instead, you may decide to use modern materials like fibreglass or PVC which are practical, hard-wearing, and give you greater scope for customisation and design. The cost-effectiveness and durability of these materials allow you to really make a garage door your own, whether you opt for a classic timber look or something a little more sleek and elegant.

Smart technology

Gone are the days of opening garage doors with your hands, now you have the ability to open up with a click of a button. These days you can even control your garage door with an app on your phone… no matter where you are, which will be useful for deliveries. You can also add your garage to your smart home’s advanced security technology which allows you to keep an eye on your valuables from anywhere in the world. In fact, many apps will notify you if there’s any movement or activity that’s out of the ordinary.

Natural light

With the growing popularity of converting garages into an extended living space, there’s more reason to allow as much natural light in as possible. The most common way of doing this is to install glass windows. Of course, this is completely dependent on the need for privacy and in any case this can be worked around using tinted or frosted windows.

Home extensions

Now more than ever homeowners are deciding to create extra living space through converting their garages into somewhere a little more desirable and accommodating. Alternatively, they’re building a second storey on top of a single storey garage, making it more important than ever that your garage is well insulated and secure. The thermal resistance value – or R-value – is the measurement used to calculate the amount of heat or cold that is able to pass through the wall or door. The colder your garage is, the harder it will be to keep the room above it warm. Therefore, it’s a good idea to insulate your garage from drafts and the cold, and the addition of an insulated garage door is a trend that will keep your heating bills down.

If you’re planning on modernising your garage like any of the suggestions above, get in touch to find out what we can do to help!

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