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Garage door trends

There is no denying that Americans love their cars. It follows therefore that when looking at the latest garage door trends and innovations it’s worth seeing what our friends over the pond are up to.

Colour seems to be a popular feature of garage doors both in the US and increasingly so over here. For example, our side-hinged doors come in a choice of 17 colours and our sectional range comes in almost any colour you wish.


In the States, garages are often very large and designed to accommodate not only four by fours but also boats and campers. The doors featured on them are therefore very prominent and homeowners are choosing to make a bold statement by having doors constructed in bronzed aluminium and glass.


Some American garages look like car showrooms with seating areas, TVs and even kitchenettes in them! Therefore the door not only has to look impressive from the outside but equally impressive from the inside! Glass and wood feature heavily in these designs and the internal door workings are hidden from sight – usually by having a sectional door rather than a more traditional up and over design.

We can’t quite see showroom garages catching on over here although word has it that Chris Evans has a grand piano in the garage where he houses his amazing collection of Ferraris!


On a more realistic note, windows seem to be making an appearance in a growing number of garages and garage door designs. This not only makes an attractive design feature but also allows natural light into the garage.

Whatever you want from your garage door; whether it’s practicality or to make a statement we are sure you will find what you are looking for in our extensive range of garage doors. To find out more call 01992 630404 or visit our Cheshunt showroom.
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