Inspiring Garage Fit-Outs

Does your garage seem to collect clutter and things that never get used? Garages don’t always have to be boring storage rooms. We’ve put together a list of some of the most inspiring garage fit-outs to help you come up with some ideas for how you can use your space to its full potential. Converting your garage could also add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.

Home Office

Now that many of us have turned to the remote and hybrid working lifestyle, some people have chosen to kit out their homes with incredible new home offices. If you have a large garage space, why not convert a section of it into your very own private study? Away from the rest of the house, this could finally be the solution to getting some peace and quiet while working from home. Check out these home office garage conversions for more inspiration.

Home Office, Garage Fit-Out

Create The Ultimate Working Environment, With All The Modern Comforts Of Your Own Home! Home Office Garage Conversion Specialists Hertfordshire.

Home Gym

Why not transform your garage into your dream home gym? This is an investment that could save you money on gym fees, as well as minimising the time spent on travel, giving you more time and motivation to work out. It also means you can monitor the cleanliness of your own space (something which is particularly important at the moment) and you won’t have to worry about social distancing measures. Learn more about how to build your own home gym here.

Home gym, Inspired from Garage Fit-Out Ideas

Simple. Easy. Effective. Create Your Own Home Gym In The Garage – Gym Garage Conversion Experts Hertfordshire & North London, AJS Garage Doors.

Games Room

This garage fit-out is definitely the most exciting one, although perhaps not the most essential. Whether it’s a ‘man cave’ or just a general entertaining space, a Games Room is a great and fun way to use the extra space. Think TVs, games consoles, a pool table, a home cinema or even a bar. You’ll want to treat this space like an extra room in your house, meaning you may need to consider installing heating and insulation to keep everyone comfortable.

Garage Fit-Out. Childrens Games Room

Adults Games Room, Maximise Natural Light & Space For a Naturally ‘Warmer’ Vibe. The Ideal ‘Man Cave’ Environment (Women Friendly Too Don’t Panic!)

Children’s Playroom

A children’s version of the ‘Games Room’ garage fit-out, this is a brilliant idea if you are tired of tripping over toys and having to clean up the children’s clutter around the house. Converting your garage into a dedicated playroom for the little ones will be great fun for them, and will go a long way in keeping the rest of the house tidy. Check out this brilliant playroom conversion for ideas.

Children's Play Area, Kids Playroom

Children’s Play Area, Kids Playroom Ideas For Your Garage Fit-Out.

Guest Bedroom

If your home is limited in space but you have a good-sized garage, you might want to consider converting the space into a spare bedroom for guests. Although this particular idea might mean having to find somewhere else to park your car, it is a great way to give guests a space to themselves when they visit.

An Innovative Storage Space

This one may not be the most exciting garage transformation, but it’s certainly the most practical. There are endless opportunities for incorporating storage space in garages. If you are short on space, use wall slats or hanging bike racks to create a storage system that still leaves room for your car. Sturdy shelving and stacked plastic storage boxes are a must. Why not include a foldaway workshop or a magnetic tool rack? Get creative and build a stylish, clutter free storage space in your home. Then secure your property against the weather and theft with a brand new garage door.

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