Improving home security

Home security

When it comes to improving home security, the first thing you may think of are the windows and doors, CCTV and the latest ranges of doorbells and monitors you can control from your smartphone. But make sure you do not overlook the garage. Burglars will target weak spots and go for the path of least resistance, so it won’t matter how secure your front door is, if your garage door is old and insecure, that’s the way they’ll try to get in.

When assessing the security of your garage, check the condition of your garage door first. It is important to maintain your garage door and make sure it’s kept in excellent working condition. This is vital if you have an interior door leading from the garage into the house – if you do, then make sure that door is secure too.

Any corrosion or damage can weaken your garage door making it a security risk, so if this is the case, get it repaired as soon as you spot anything. However, there will come a time when the garage door is too old, regular maintenance is not enough and you will need to replace it.

What to look for in a new garage door

Firstly, to ensure you select a strong and durable garage door check it is made from a high-quality material such as PVC, GRP, steel, aluminium or wood. Secondly, whether you select a sectional, up & over, steel roller or side-hinged garage doors, select hinges and locks that conform to the latest security standards.

Style as well as security

Style does not have to come at the expense of security. Your garage door can also look good and reflect your personal taste as well as protect your home. There are plenty of stylish options with a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Use qualified fitters

There is no point investing in a new garage door if it is not fitted by a qualified fitting team. Make sure your garage door fitter adheres to a code of conduct which covers their standard of workmanship, service quality, training, health and safety procedures; and also ask what insurance they have and what guarantees they offer.

And shut the door

Once you have a new garage door installed to improve your home security don’t then forget to close it! It is so easy to do but so easy to prevent. You can improve your home security further with a garage door monitor. Keep it in the house and you can check a glance whether or not the door is open or closed.

Don’t forget the windows

If your garage has windows, check they have up-to-date security locks and use frosted glass or cover them with a frosting film so no-one can look in to see what you keep there. Don’t invest in the garage door only to have a burglar enter through the window!

So, when improving home security, make sure you include your garage door in your risk assessment, and don’t let it become the weak spot in your home security; keep your car and possessions safe.

For more advice on how best to improve your properties security, get in touch and find out more.

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