How to make your garage greener

eco friendly garage doors

Have you ever considered how to make your garage greener? Unless you actually live in your garage, you may not regard it as a place you need to think about in terms of being green. After all, it’s just somewhere to store the car, some tools, and a lot of stuff you’re not sure what else to do with. But it’s well worth taking the time to make your garage more energy efficient because the effects of a greener garage can also be beneficial to your home. 


Keeping your garage insulated is especially important if it’s attached to your house, particularly if it’s accessible via an internal door. A cold, draughty garage will mean your central heating system will need to work harder to keep your property warm, wasting money as well as resources. Modern garage doors are well insulated, so a new garage door will make an immediate difference. By keeping the cold out and the heat in, you will notice an improvement in how warm your home is overall.

If there are cracks in the walls, make sure you fill them in, in order to prevent the cold air from being able to enter the garage. 

Change the lighting

Next time the bulb goes in your garage, replace it with an energy efficient one. If you do a lot of work inside the garage, it might also be an idea to think about putting a window in. Having a bit of natural light will not only make it easier to see what you’re doing, it’ll also mean you won’t have to have the artificial lights on so often, saving money on electricity in the long term. 

Harness the power of the sun

What’s happening on top of your garage roof? If there’s nothing on it, think about installing solar panels which could save you money on electricity bills for your property as a whole. 

Harness the power of the rain

Collect rainwater from the garage roof into a water butt and use it to water the garden, especially during the summer months. If your water usage is metered, it will save you money too! 

Leave the car in it more often

The greenest mode of transport is walking, so if you’re only going on a short trip, leave your car in the garage more often and walk instead. This will have the advantage of saving you money, saving the planet and building up your strength with consequent knock-on effects for your health and wellbeing. Everyone’s a winner! 

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