Maintaining your garage in the summer

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Garage Door Maintenance

Summer’s here, and we’ve had our fair share of blisteringly hot days. The summer months are always a good time to do all those maintenance jobs around the house and garden, and this includes your garage too! Here’s our suggested To Do list:

When it’s really hot

If the temperature reaches 37oC or more – which it already has done this year in areas of southern England – metal elements are liable to warp so you’ll need to look for signs of expansion on your garage door and its components, as there is a chance things will warp in the heat and affect the performance of your door. Excessive heat is also likely to produce electrical storms which could cause power surges, or even outages, so make sure any electricals in your garage are connected to a surge protection device to keep them safe.

Wash your garage door

Your door will have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt over the winter months. Make it look better by washing both sides using warm water with a mild detergent, e.g. washing-up liquid, and a soft sponge or cloth.

Do a visual inspection

Once your door is gleaming and free of dirt, you then need to inspect it to see if there are any problem areas that need taking care of. On the outside of the door, you need to look for scratches, peeling paint or any areas showing signs of rust damage.

If you have a roller door, check the rollers for signs of abrasions, chipping or cracking, and make sure there is no wear and tear on the cables.

Listen to your door

If everything is working smoothly, you’ll be able to open and close your door without any problems. If the mechanism is loud or there is a screeching noise, there is probably an issue that needs addressing. It could be something simple that just needs a spot of oil, but if there’s a problem with an electrical mechanism, you will need to get a specialist in to repair it.

In fact, it’s always a good idea to regularly lubricate moving parts, such as hinges, springs, tracks, prevent damage. You’ll only need a thin layer – if you apply too much oil, you’ll attract dust and dirt which could cause problems later on.

Check auto-reverse

As children and pets are more likely to be outside in the summer, it’s important to make sure that the auto-reverse feature on your door is working properly. Put something like a brick or some wood on the ground under the door to check that the door will stop and reverse if there’s an obstacle in its way.

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