How to know it’s time for a replacement garage door

garage doors

There are so many reasons for keeping your garage door in tip top condition. Garage doors come in some fabulous styles and colours and can make the exterior of your home look instantly attractive. They are also a way of adding an extra layer of security to your house and of course, if you choose one with an electronic opening, you can gain access to your house with just the press of a button.

So it’s really important to inspect it regularly and ensure that your garage door is maintained to a high standard. There are lots of intricate workings which go towards a good working garage door. From openers to springs to locks, you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open for anything that may be stopping it from working properly.

The average life of a garage door is anywhere between 8 and 15 years so if yours is getting a little on the old side and showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to consider investing in a replacement garage door. And the chances are that since the last time you bought one, there will be so much more choice in terms of style and working features which just might suit your home and garage better. Read on for our tips on how to know it’s time for a replacement garage door.

Looking a bit shabby

The whole point of modern garage doors is that they’re supposed to make life easier to manage so it’s a headache when they break and stop working. If you haven’t invested in a new garage door for a long time, it’s likely that yours is old and out of date. It will probably be noticeable because the rest of your home is in great condition but the garage door sticks out like a sore thumb because one of the doors is hanging off the hinge and the paint is peeling off. Either way, it’s time to start looking at your replacement garage door options. With up & over, side-hinged and steel roller ranges to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice and wish you’d replaced it earlier!

Check the mechanisms

Give your garage door a good check over every month to see if it’s showing signs of getting stuck or if there’s any corrosion or damage. You might find that the open and close mechanism is faulty and perhaps it opens but won’t close or it closes but won’t open or maybe it just gets stuck halfway! It could also be making an unusual screeching noise. These are all signs that the motor is wearing out and having difficulty powering the mechanism that opens or closes the door so you may need to get a garage door expert in to have a proper look at it.


One of the reasons for having a modern garage door installed is for the greater security offered so that you can be sure that your car, home and possessions are protected. So if you have any reason to think that security may be compromised due to broken locks or faulty mechanisms, don’t delay in contacting your local garage door specialist for some expert advice on how to either repair or replace to reinstate the security measures you want and the peace of mind you need. While you’re there, you may like to ask them about their automatic electric security gates too.

Time for something different

We all get fed up with seeing the same old thing day in day out don’t we? Sometimes it means we start a decorating project in the bathroom or retile the kitchen floor. Well garage doors need a refresh from time to time too.  You may want to change the way yours opens to give you more space on the drive, or perhaps it doesn’t match the rest of the property’s exterior decor, or maybe you just fancy having a bright red one to brighten up the street. With so many colours and styles available, you won’t have to spend long choosing the right one for you.

Moving home

If you’re planning a house move, there’s no better way to add a finishing touch and increase the value of your home than with a replacement garage door. What prospective buyer wouldn’t be impressed by an all-singing all-dancing shiny new garage door? Just make sure that you get it supplied and fitted by an accredited supplier who provides insurance and guarantees so that you can pass these on to the new owners.

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