Is your garage door as smart as your home?

How smart is your garage?

Electric garage doors come with one or two remote control devices that will allow you to open and close your garage door from the comfort of your car – very handy if you get home during a rainstorm or in the middle of winter. But did you know that you can also turn your electric garage door into a smart door and control it from your phone?

You may prefer the ease of using the remote control to open the door after your drive home, but what the remote can’t do for you is tell you whether you forgot to close the door. If you’re at work or on holiday, this would be impossible (unless you enlist the help of a friendly neighbour), and even if you were at home, it would mean you’d have to go outsi to check for yourself. With a smart system, it’s as simple as checking the app or asking Alexa. And if you had left the door open, you could simply close it from wherever you are.

Greater security with CCTV

With most smart garage door apps, you can set up an alert to get a notification whenever someone opens or closes the door. This is a great security measure, especially at times when you know your house is empty. If you have CCTV cameras overlooking the garage, you can add the garage door opener to your security system and program the camera to take a picture every time the door opens.

Another advantage is that if you get a delivery when you’re not at home, you can open the garage door for the driver, who can leave your parcel in a secure place that’s also protected from the weather.

Cost effective Retrofit

The cheapest option to ‘smarten’ up your garage door is what’s known as a retrofit – an add-on gadget that can be connected to your existing system. Retrofitting doesn’t have to be expensive – you can get them for as little as £15, though the quality may not be as good as a mid-range or top-of-the-range model. So do your research to make sure it’s the right one for you and read customer reviews of the model you’re considering to see what other people think of it.

Electric garage door openers

Aside from the WiFi, the thing you need most to turn your garage door into a smart garage door is a compatible electric operator. If your remote door mechanism is very old, then you may have a problem with compatibility, but if you bought it this century, you should be OK.

If you want to go from manually operating your existing ‘up and over’ garage door to having a smart door, you’ll first need to install an electric operator. Visit our Cheshunt showroom or contact us to find out more.

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