Hörmann Garage Doors

Hörmann is one of Europe’s leading providers of garage doors, front doors and operators. As a company, Hörmann uses environmentally friendly procedures for foaming, with 100% CFC-free PU rigid foam, as well as with the colour coating of the doors. The complete Hörmann garage door range includes sectional garage doors, up-and-over garage doors, roller garage doors and side sliding garage doors.

The Hörmann sectional garage door

Due to the construction of sectional doors, in that they open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling, they provide maximum space both inside and in front of the garage. Hörmann sectional garage doors can be fitted in every garage door opening, and offer up to 14 cm more passage width than up-and-over doors.

Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

The benefits of sectional doors

Hörmann sectional doors are a space-saving garage door option thanks to their vertical opening. Sectional doors are manufactured to be durable and secure, sectional doors are not only convenient to use but also allow you to retain full use of the space both directly in front of and behind the garage opening.

Hormann Gatcombe Up & Over

Gatcombe Up & Over

Hörmann up-and-over garage doors

The original up-and-over garage door offers you everything in one – quality and security, good looks and comfort, plus mature technology. Each Hörmann up-and-over garage door contains expertise from over 50 years of building garage doors. Up-and-over garage doors combine tried and tested technology with a durable door design, Hörmann’s up-and-over garage doors are the first choice for consumers looking for an inexpensive garage door.

Hörmann roller garage doors

Hörmann roller garage doors can be used for virtually any type of garage door opening, making them ideal for use in domestic garages where other door types would not be practical. Our RollMatic roller garage doors take up minimal space, allowing you to retain full use of the garage ceiling, along with the space directly in front of and behind the door.

Hörmann side sliding garage doors

Designed with unusual openings and difficult architectural features in mind, side sliding garage doors are the ideal solution for situations where other garage doors would not be suitable. Even with its side sliding design, this type of garage door allows you to retain the full passage height, and thanks to its PU-foamed panel design it offers excellent thermal insulation. Unlike other garage door types, side sliding sectional garage doors can be programmed to open partially, to allow for pedestrian access without the need to fully open the door.

Hormann Ribbed Golden Oak Sectional Door

Ribbed Golden Oak Sectional Door

Are Garador and Hörmann garage doors the same?

Garador is owned by Hörmann and the range sold in the UK is far more limited than Hörmann’s. However Garador does keep it easy to understand and buy and, of course, the quality is excellent because it is a Hörmann manufactured door. Industrial doors and domestic garage doors are offered by both brands. Their products include high-quality garage doors including sectional garage doors with a durable top door panel used over the main garage door, this ensures that your garage opening is not only secure but aesthetically pleasing.

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