Home security starts at your garage door!

garage doors security against criminals

You may be wondering how home security could possibly start at your garage door…

Well unless your garage is completely empty or filled with nothing of any value (at all) it genuinely does! Your garage door is the entry point for thieves looking to steal valuable items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, tools or even your car.

Here are some top tips to keep your garage door secure and criminals out!

Adopt a criminal mindset

First off, put yourself in the shoes of a petty criminal and look at your garage, and if it’s integrated into your home, the exterior of your house. With an impartial eye, review the exterior and have a good think about how a burglar may enter. Bear in mind they are looking at how to exploit the weakness in your home. So you need to ask yourself – can I spot any weaknesses?

Do a visual check of your entrance doors

So you have ideas – it’s time to check them out. Whether you have sliding garage doors, a roller garage door or side-hinged doors – the advice is the same. Do they all work as they did when they first installed – or do they need repairing or new mechanisms? Could they be easily broken in to? Look closely to see if there are any easy access points on the garage building itself (usually windows or faulty/weak locks) and think about how to fix them. Also review the ground around the garage door to make sure it hasn’t been weathered by the elements which would leave it susceptible to a break-in.

Quality doors often have sensors

Many quality, contemporary garage doors are installed with automatic sensors to open and close and have additional safety sensors – just like electric gates. These sensors should be suitably situated to work at their best, and can be connected to your home security system, or programmed to send you an alert when the door is opened. 

Video door-cams and CCTV

If you want to deter intruders, video door-cams and CCTV is a great disincentive. Ranging from high to low cost, all devices offer different levels of footage recorded so in the event of an incident the footage can be captured. In most cases, the device can be managed and viewed from a smart phone which is an added bonus. Set the cameras to record at both garage door and window level so you are fully covered.

Shed some light on it

Do you have lighting both in and around your garage door area? Darkness provides a perfect cover for criminal activity so the installation of additional lighting can make all the difference. Using motion-detecting lights near garage doors and windows as well as around your garden will make the thieves think twice before breaking in. Motion detecting lights are also helpful around garages that are detached from the main house.

Secure your garage windows

Securing and covering windows with both locks and blinds ensures no one can peek into your garage to see what you have stored there. Another option would be to install grills over the garage window – the harder you make it to gain access, the fewer unwanted visitors you will have!

Secure garage door choices

When working with a garage door company you will be asked about the style, colour and garage door brands you like before being shown ideas for your perfect garage door. If you are not asked about what level of security you are seeking, make sure you make this a discussion point.

It’s fair to say that all leading manufacturers of door types will have thought about the security aspect when creating their new door product. Garage doors last a long time so you can be sure there will be new security features since your old door was manufactured.

There are so many garage door types to choose from – we suggest we take a browse through our website to get ideas on you what you feel may suit your home.

Garage doors materials

If you think all garage doors are manufactured to the same toughness standard – think again. If you are looking for maximum security then consider steel garage doors. You will be amazed at the variety of colours and designs available and with brands such as Garador every steel door is equipped with security features such as multi-point latching systems and steel locking bars.

Time to shop for garage doors?

Whether you are after roller shutter doors, sectional doors, up and over doors, or steel garage doors there is a wealth a choice available. Popular brands include Aluroll, Cardale, Garador, Hormann and Wessex – all of which are stocked by AJS Garage Doors.

Domestic and professional customers are invited to get in touch for a free survey.


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