Get ready for summer with a patio awning

Patio Awning, Summer

Outdoor socialising has become a way of life, even when the weather’s not quite the way we’d like it to be. The garden has become the new living room, the place where we’re most likely to sit and chat with our friends, so the more comfortable everyone is, the longer your friends are likely to stay. And this is where patio awnings come into their own.

Patio awnings shade you from the sun

Hopefully we’ll enjoy a lovely long, hot and sunny summer, when we can throw the patio doors wide open and let the warm, flower-scented air freshen up our homes. In his famous sonnet comparing “thee” to a summer’s day, Shakespeare wrote, “Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines”. When it does, an awning is a great way of providing enough shade for you and your guests, protecting them from both heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

An awning will also protect the interior of your home, especially if you have large glass patio doors. When you’re not at home, the doors will obviously be closed, but the sun streaming through the glass will heat things up and make your home uncomfortably hot. Direct sunlight will also fade the colours on your furniture, curtains and carpet. A patio awning will help alleviate both problems by shading your home from the sun’s rays, keeping it a bit cooler at the same time as protecting fabrics.

Patio awnings will protect you from the rain

To continue the theme of the Shakespeare sonnet, a summer’s day is often cloudy and can be rainy. But when you can’t invite your friends inside when there’s a shower or it’s drizzling, their entire visit can be in jeopardy. Being able to shelter under an awning made from water-resistant fabric will help you see off any summer showers without breaking up the group.

Patio awnings for small businesses

If you run a cafe, restaurant or bar, the addition of an awning can attract customers. The shelter it offers will be enough to encourage friends to meet for food and drinks and stay longer than they otherwise would. If you don’t have a garden or courtyard, think about applying for a pavement licence, which means you’ll have the capacity to serve more customers at any given time. You could offer to lend customers blankets in case there’s a chill; this will also mean people can sit and drink and enjoy the fresh air in the spring and autumn too.

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