Garage Door Insulation, Winter Preparation

Garage Door Insulation, Winter Proofing

Not to jump on the Game of Thrones bandwagon or anything, but winter is coming! And unlike the Starks, we have the option of staying warm and cosy during cooler months! You can even indulge in some of the finer things in life, such as insulating your garage door…

So, with that being said, let’s talk about what steps you can take to insulate your garage door:

Replacing your garage door

If you haven’t replaced your garage door in a few years, then now might be the time. Old non-insulated doors are easily replaced by a wide range of affordable insulated doors.

Installing a foam board or reflective panel

Foam board insulation reduces heat conduction through structural elements, like wood or steel. Foam boards and reflective panels will be available in most hardware stores near you! Foam boards are generally thicker than reflective panels which makes them slightly better as insulation and also more expensive.

Garage door insulation kits

There are four types of garage insulation kits available: radiant barrier, foam, fibreglass and cellulose. One of the main reasons for insulating your home is to improve energy efficiency, and stopping the draughts in your garage will definitely conserve a lot of otherwise wasted energy. Not only this, but the padding will also serve as an extra layer of protection and help prevent further damage from the elements!

Heater installation

Once you have your garage door – and the rest of your garage -sufficiently insulated, you can also think about installing a heater to maintain a temperature above freezing. If you find yourself tight on space, electric heating is the option for you. There are no pipes, noise or emissions, which will help with overall efficiency.

If you have any questions regarding how best to insulate your garage, get in touch!

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