Enhance your home with electric gates

Automated Electric, front gate for your home

Struggling to figure out the best way to keep your home secure? Or maybe you simply want to enhance your property’s curb appeal. Either way, a state-of-the-art, fully-automated electric gate is the quintessential way to achieve this.

To help you decide if electric gates are the right solution for you, here are our top five benefits of installing one to protect and enhance your property.

Improve home security – This is the main reason most homeowners get automated gates fitted. Households can rest assured that all of their possessions will remain safe and protected. Not only do the gates increase home security and help prevent intruders, but they can also help protect small children and pets by keeping them safely inside the grounds.

Curb appeal – Electrical gates are aesthetically pleasing, so they’ll automatically enhance your property’s appearance. When selecting which material to use, be sure to choose something long lasting and maintainable. Modern designs usually boast a more secure and sophisticated steel structure. However a traditional wooden garden gate might be more up your street and that works just as well too.

Long lasting gate systems – When opting for your preferred electric gate, consider the purpose for getting them and what you are trying to achieve. If security’s the main reason you want an electric gate, then steel gates will be a good fit. If you value privacy, or want to prevent pets or children running out into the street, then a solid wood gate will do the job better. If you just want something beautiful to look at, then you can choose any design and any material.

You can electrify existing gates – If you already have gates on your property that are fit for purpose we can automate them. If they need a bit of TLC, we can restore and refurbish them, installing the automated system during the process.

They are low cost to run – Automated gates use around 100 watts per day (when not in use). As electricity typically costs around 15p per KWh, this means the gates could cost as low as 1.5p each day to run. The cost of the gate, mechanism and installation will obviously depend on the circumstance and the size of the operation.

Imagine how lovely it will be when you arrive home to open and close the gates from the comfort of your car (especially if it’s raining!). If you would like to get a FREE quote, or to find out more about the automatic gate systems, please get in touch.

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