Embracing the weird and wonderful Garage Doors

Strangest Garage Door

If you’d like to win the award for ‘Strangest Garage Door’ in your street, there are quite a few ideas out there.

Thanks to Style Your Garage, a company which supplies garage door murals, Americans now have the opportunity to completely change the look of their drives. Horse lovers can pretend they’re housing more eco-friendly transport…

Alternative garage doors

Wine lovers can dream of creating their own cellar…

Wine cellar Ga

And those with a double or triple garage can convince the neighbours they have loftier modes of transport! One can convert most garage doors to suit taste and personality.

Aeroplane Garage Door

Rather than buying ready-made murals, how about painting your own? There’s plenty of advice online about how to go about it and the best paints to use. One New Forest resident has used his garage door as a journal of all the wildlife he’s seen in the area. He’s painted all the species he’s seen over the last ten years and currently has over 60 on display.

If you decide you’re not so keen on your door any more, you can always back out of it. Last year, a 91 year old man always wanted to know what would happen if you drove your car through your garage door, so did it! (With the help of his family, a safety helmet and a film crew).

Car crash garage door

Don’t want to be awarded the strangest garage door? If you’d prefer to stick with the more traditional and tasteful approach, speak to one of our garage door experts based in Hertfordshire on 01992 630 404 or fill out our quick contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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