Do I need automatic gates?

Automated gates

We all know the super-rich have them, but there are many reasons why more and more ‘ordinary’ people are installing automatic gates.

Safety and security

Electric gates will make your property more secure. Automatic gates are more difficult to open than manual ones, making it less easy for trespassers to get into your grounds. Therefore, having them is an added security deterrent, and you may even find your insurance premiums are lower as a result.

In addition to stopping people getting into your property, they can also keep your household safe. If you live on a busy street, having secure gates on your property will prevent potential accidents as they’ll stop young children and pets accidentally running out into the road.

Practical and convenient

Having automated gates will improve things for you. Being able to open them at the touch of a button from your key fob will save you the time and hassle of having to get out of the car to open the gates, then having to stop and get out again to close them behind you. This kind of inconvenience tends to result in the gates simply being left open all the time, which is not good for security.

There will also be times when it’s dark or the weather is cold, and wet or snowy – when having to get out of the car to open and close gates is even less appealing than usual. So imagine, after a long day at work, how nice it would be to simply press a button from the warmth and comfort of your car and drive through. Then, at the touch of another button, to open your automatic garage door and glide into the dry.


Having gates on your property – whether they’re automated or manual, will give you and your family more privacy. With solid wooden gates, you can rest assured that your nosy neighbour will find it difficult to keep an eye on you. And gates will be off-putting for the kind of casual callers you’d rather not answer the door to – especially if you install an intercom system that will allow you to choose who you allow onto your property.

Converting your current gates

If your current gates are in good condition, it’s likely that you will be able to convert them to automatic by installing a motor drive. It will be cheaper and less wasteful than fitting brand-new gates, and it will allow you to continue using the gates you already like.

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