Declutter your garage and make some money

Garador Shaftesbury timber garage door

Everyone has a drawer somewhere in their house that is full with bits and bobs that have accumulated over the years and most that you will never use again.

How many of you have a whole garage full!?

If you have stopped using your garage as much through the summer months and are now finding your garage door sticks as the room is over-packed with storage boxes it could be time to declutter your garage and makes some money to boot.

Think about it. You could clear some much-needed space, improve the look of your garage and make some money all at the same time just by selling at a local car boot sale. Perfect for those who have boxes of books and CDs, suitcases full of clothes that don’t fit or electrical goods that are no longer used the car boot sale is still going strong and can be quicker and easier than selling item by item online.

There are lots just round the corner from us in Hertfordshire so why not make the most of them.  Here are a few we have visited before:

Great Amwell Car Boot Sale

Hillside Farm Field, Pepper Hill, Great Amwell Roundabout, Ware, Herts, SG12 9RZ

Sundays from 8am

Pitch Fee: £10


The Exchange

Hemel Hempstead Antiques, Off Waterhouse Street, Hemel Hempstead HP11ET

Wednesdays from 7am

Pitch Fee: £20

01483 277640

Jumbo Car Boot Sales

Northaw Road/Cattlegate Road, Cuffley, EN64QZ

Sundays from 7am

Pitch Fee: £11 (cars) £13 (small vans & MPVs) or £16 (large vans)


Hatfield Car Boot

Birchwood Sports Centre, Longmead, Hatfield, AL100AN

Sundays from 10am

Pitch Fee: £11

01992 468619

If you do decide to have a clear out and attempt to sell some of your unwanted belongings we hope you have as much success as we did not long ago. After all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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