Common Problems With Your Garage Door

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Most of the time, you don’t have to think about your garage door, so you haven’t had to think about common garage door problems. It’s something that’s pretty much always there – opens when you need it to and closes when you need it to – job done!

But sometimes things can go wrong – the door gets stuck, wear and tear eventually gets to it, or you accidentally crash the car into it (it has been known!). Here, we take a look at the most common problems that affect garage doors:

Check your safety sensors!

Got an electric gate / automated garage door? Then this means there are tiny sensors on each side of your garage door, which will stop the electric operator working if someone or something obstructs the door after you’ve pressed the ‘close’ button. This safety mechanism ensures the door won’t close on your car, or trap a child or pet that has accidentally wandered into the doorway.

If the photo eye becomes misaligned or damaged, the beams will disconnect and the safety feature will no longer work. You may not realise this has happened, so test it from time to time by placing something in the doorway to see if it stops the door closing (preferably not a child or pet).

If something gets put in front of the sensors, the safety mechanism will kick in and the door won’t shut at all – but once you’ve worked that out, it is at least a problem that’s easily solved!

My garage makes weird noises

Hearing strange noises at night coming from your garage door? Don’t panic it isn’t a bear trying to sneak in… or at least it probably isn’t! The simple matter is that there are parts of your door that are rubbing against one another. Anytime a garage door begins to squeak, creak or grind, we would recommend you add some lubrication.

Another possibility is the cables and springs that help to lift and lower your garage door are beginning to wear and tear. The older they are and the more you use them, the more likely it is that they’ll corrode and break. So if you’ve had your door a long time and are worried this could be an issue, it might be an idea to get them replaced before they cause a problem.


Some garage doors open and close by sliding along a metal track, but sometimes this gets misaligned – especially if the door has been damaged in some way – which causes problems opening and closing the door.


Whether your garage door has visible rust or there is rust lurking inside causing a problem, this will usually occur overtime when garage doors are exposed to air or water. Depending on where you live, this will determine the rate at which your door will rust.

On the bright side, this is something which can be easily fixed using equipment you can find around the house! Simply clean the affected area using soap and rub it with a vinegar-soaked cloth once it has dried. Give it a go, particularly carrying out regular maintenance during spring and summer.

Electrical problems

As with anything that relies on electricity, problems can be caused by a break in supply. If your garage door isn’t working, but the electricity in the rest of the house is, check the fuse. If that doesn’t fix the problem, and you’ve ruled out all of the above possibilities, then it’s time to call an electrician or contact a garage door specialist.

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