Useful tips on cooling down a garage during warmer months

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How to cool a garage

With the summer rapidly approaching (yes, the sun is shining in Hertfordshire even now), we are regularly asked for tips on cooling down a garage during the months.

Before we provide some top tips, it makes sense to understand why your garage gets hot in the first place. It’s fair to say that there are loads of factors which affect the temperature in your garage, some of the popular ones are:-

  • Parked vehicles – do you park your car immediately after use? If so, it will to continue to radiate heat and therefore appear warmer
  • Location – the direction your garage faces can make a massive difference as it determines what time the sun’s strongest rays are beating down on it
  • Colour – the colour of your garage door determines whether it absorbs, conducts or reflects the heat
  • Ventilation – depending on the age of your garage structure, ventilation will differ
  • Insulation – yes insulation!

With that in mind, here are some useful tips which will come in handy…

White garage doors

You can make a difference to the heat levels in your garage by selecting a white or light coloured door. Light colours absorb less heat and therefore reduce the overall temperature. So, only do you get a stylish garage door – it is cooler in the summer months too!

Cardale, Garador, Hormann and Wessex all have a wide selection of colours and finishes.

Off-street parking

By parking outside of your house, on in an adjacent road you will ensure that heat from your recently used car does not ‘hot things up’ in your garage.

Ventilate naturally

Fling open your garage door and any other doors or window and increase the air circulation.

Increase ventilation

The addition of new air vents, roof air vents and exit points for hot air will help ensure your garage does not overheat.

Create shade

You can create natural shade for your garage by planting trees that shade during peak sunlight hours.
In addition, patio awnings on the rear of your home can create shade for your garage and decrease the heat.

Improve insulation

Insulated garage doors are available within our ranges and can make a difference to heat retention.
In addition, simply by insulating your garage ceiling can make a surprising difference.

Install a Ceiling Fan

To rapidly cool down the interior of your garage, install a ceiling fan and enjoy cool air on demand.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

Improve the airflow in your garage by building shelves, racking and wall storage and ensure that bulky items such as lawn mowers and large garden equipment is safely stored off the floor wherever possible.

The last option of course is the installation of air conditioning. Whilst the most expensive route, and least popular in the UK, air can be cooled and controlled at the flick of a switch.

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