5 Benefits of electric gate systems

Benefits of electric gate systems

More and more people are having electric gate systems installed on their property, and there are many good reasons why. So we thought we’d share the key benefits of electric gate systems to help make your decision easier:

Increases your home security and privacy

As well as looking good, an electric gate system will greatly improve your home security. The sheer physicality of the gates can deter intruders and, provided the system is well maintained and looked after, it can stop anyone from snooping around and scoping out your property, as it is almost impossible to open the gate without the access fob.

Keeps your family safe and protected

As well as preventing people getting in, you can also protect your loved ones such as children and pets from wandering off your property or running out into the road. If you are caring for a loved one with a condition like dementia, they can enjoy being in the garden as your home is safe, secure and comfortable for them.

Electric gate systems are impressive and look great

You can dramatically improve the appearance of your property, and make it look impressive, with an electric gate system. They are available in a wide variety of designs, colours and finishes so you will always find something that will match the property.

Electric gate systems can be added to existing gates or installed with any new gate; they can be attached to, and are compatible with, any type of fence. The gate itself can swing outwards, inwards or slide to the side.

You could opt for a ready-made electric gate system or create your own bespoke design – anything from rustic or traditional to modern and contemporary – to reflect your individual, personal style.

Easy to operate and control

Electric gate systems offer you comfort and convenience by allowing you to open and close the gate from anywhere on your property. Using the access fob or your smartphone, you can stay in the car if it is raining or allow visitors in and out from the shelter of your front door. If you’re relaxing in the garden on a lovely sunny day, you can let people in and out without the need to get up or even put down your drink!

It’s a sound investment

Electric gate systems are a great investment in your property. As well as making your property look impressive, you may well find the cost of installing an electric gate system is offset by an increase in the value of your property in the long term. Electric gate systems are a highly sought-after feature because of all the excellent benefits they offer.

Also, an investment in an electric gate system could mean your home insurance premium is reduced. If you’re still considering whether or not to install electric gates, it’d be worthwhile contacting your insurance company to see if you could get a discount on your home insurance policy.

Once you’ve made your decision to have an electric gate system installed, make sure you use a trusted supplier and experienced fitter. Use a company that will take the time to understand your design ideas and requirements and conduct a full survey. This way you will get a high-quality, reliable electric gate system at the right price.

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