Top 4 benefits of Aluroll Garage Doors

Aluroll Garage Door

Installing Aluroll Garage Doors

Compact, safe and sturdy, Aluroll is our go-to for a classic, no-fuss roller garage door. We’ve put together the top 4 benefits of installing Aluroll garage doors 

We pride ourselves on working with the best garage door manufacturers in the UK, and Aluroll Garage Doors are always high up on our list. Aluroll has been manufacturing high quality, durable roller garage doors in the UK for over 30 years. 



Every door in Aluroll’s Secureroll range comes with heavy-duty extruded aluminium bottom slats, strengthened PVC mouldings, a weather seal and thermal insulation. For added security, they also include lighting, wireless sensor systems and remote control units. 

If you have security concerns about your home or are storing valuable items in your garage, these doors are the perfect solution to provide you with that extra peace of mind and offer the highest standard of safety and security. 

These doors have been tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and have passed national security standards. They are also sleek and stylish, so your home can be highly secure without compromising on appearance. 



Aluroll has a unique range of roller garage doors which are specifically designed for openings where there is limited space above or along the sides of the garage. With a blind surface of just 55mm, this is the ideal solution for a garage which is slightly on the smaller side, as it still offers the same level of security and insulation, without taking up too much valuable storage space. 



Aluroll produces a wide range of made-to-measure roller doors that can be customised to suit your needs and the exact size of your garage. These doors also come in a wide range of colours, with  21 different shades to choose from to suit your home, including woodgrains to match your windows and doors. 

These garage doors can be customised in style, size, colour, operation and material. Whatever style or shade of door you choose, we will make sure that it blends in perfectly with your home. 


Aluroll Garage Doors Remote control option

Another fantastic benefit of choosing Aluroll Garage Doors is that they provide the option to control the doors via remote control. For safety, the system can be manually overridden in the case of an emergency. 

Aluroll offers both Somfy and Teleco control panels on their garage doors, and all remote control systems are fully tested and commissioned in-house prior to being dispatched. The remote control option is highly convenient as it not only saves time but also prevents you from having to get out of the car to open and close the garage doors when it’s cold or wet. 

These remote control systems can also be integrated onto your mobile phone via app, or into your smart home system. Just let us know what your requirements are, and we can tailor a garage door solution for you. 

If you are looking for a secure, practical and stylish roller garage door, Aluroll could be the perfect choice for you. Get in touch to discuss your options or book a visit to our showroom.

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